What is Feijoa?! Tasting notes on Rosé of Cinsault


Every release we share tasting notes on the wines from our friend and Brand Ambassador, Eugenio Jardim.  Eugenio spent the first chapter of his career as a widely-revered sommelier at Jardinière in San Francisco.  His current chapter includes working as a consultant for several projects in the world of wine; but what remains consistent is his wit, charm and unwavering honesty about the wines he tastes.  It’s a joy to have him on this journey with us and a sincere pleasure to share his unedited, unfiltered (and often humorous) thoughts on each wine with you.

Today, the Eugenia Rosé of Cinsault “The Country Wife”, San Lucas Vineyard, Central Coast 2017:

"A very pale salmon color, borderline amber, Rosé wine. This wine is focused on a low alcohol and high acidity profile, much like the previous vintages of "The Country Wife”. The nose is exuberant, bursting with intoxicating floral components and freshness. The aromatic profile covers the gamut of citrus, unripe tree and stone fruits: Meyer Lemon, Feijoa, Celery and Granny-smith Apple and hints of Thyme and fresh Mint." 

"The palate is surprisingly softer than the nose would suggest, with great generosity of fruit and a silky texture. The sensation is that of a recent bite on a super-juice summer nectarine and/or peach with an amazing lasting flavor.  This wine is clean and refreshing as Springtime morning breeze!! The acidity is perfectly balanced by the decadent fruity mid-palate and the finish is long, retaining all the attractive aromatic floral and fruity notes.  Sign me up!! I just found my Summer wine!!"

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